Testimony: Period Pain , Women Sicknesses 女人病 , 经痛

Face Pimples , Black Spot, Freckles, Testimony | 青春痘 , 疮, 便秘,

Jacqueline – Constipation Problem Ms. Ling Shin Yu – Detoxify Black Spot 黑斑, 雀斑见证 . Freckles Problem
 Severance acne heal , critical pimple gone 便秘问题 Constipation Problem

Period Pain , Women Sicknesses | 经痛 , 女人病

More RAIN Stories | 更多『天雨』的故事

From US-Ms.Anita
Emily-Cough & phlegm Angie-Head Injuries , Coma. 脑伤到成植物人,吃了天雨产品后有非常好的反应。 Cantonese – Madam Yeoh’s Father – Sputum so many , unable to stand up
Cantonese – Mdm Liang-膝盖盖问题,脚没有力。

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