Testimony: Leukemia, Liver Cancer, Colon Cancer etc… 血癌, 肝癌, 肠癌 等等癌症见证

Rain Soul Testimony: Leukemia, Liver Cancer, Colon Cancer etc… 血癌, 肝癌, 肠癌 等等癌症见证

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医生诊断肝癌只剩三个月,谢先生邻居有喝Rain 元气,
他不敢卖给谢先生,只告诉了谢先生台女那里有卖Rain Soul 元气,
那时Rain 断货,只能买两盒,他一天四包,两星期后一天十二包,
吓了大家一跳,现在谢先生把见证经过放上youtube 分享。
Diagnose have Liver cancer. Only left 3 months Life.
After taking rain soul for 4packs per day.
After 2 weeks, 12packs per day.
After 1month, doctor say the liver cancer is no more.
This is a shock testimonial in Taiwan.
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Cancer Stage 4 – Testimony
Blood Cancer – Leukemia Cancer Testimony – Ms. Kelly share on public Uterine Cancer Diamond Ms. Kelly 子宫癌 , 淋巴.
 Share about Prostate Problem Rain Soul has help this man when he undergo his therapy in the process of healing from Leukemia.

Mr. Shandy Anwar, 31 Yrs Old from Medan, Indonesia. Suffered from cancer problem since age of 19.

He received years of treatment from chemo therapy. And after long medication there were side effects such as water retention, coughing day and night, plus poor blood circulation in his whole body.
After taking Rain Soul for the last 8 months, his body improved a lot and the doctors are reducing his medication.

Suffer Leukemia  – Relia Tan , 7 Years Old.

Diagnosed leukemia (a cancer of the blood cells) in May 2010. Had 3 times of chemotherapy.

After her chemotherapy , she have fever for a week, finger was turned purplish, skin turned even more sensitive, and itchy. After taking Rain Soul for 2 months, 1-2 packs per day. Hemoglobin level from 12gm/dl increased to 15gm/dl. All of the symptoms are gone .

Madam Chew – Suffer for 10 Years of Breast Cancer十年前乳癌。第三度病发。

Mdm Chew suffered from Breast Cancer for 10 years. She believed in high Antioxidants juices to fight for her Cancer Cells in her body. After taking Rain Soul since December 2012, she found she is more active and very release from body pain.

She strongly recommend to cancer patient to take Rain Soul daily. She took Rain Soul December only 3 sachets per day. Now, she taking 6 sachets per day on empty stomach and at night 2 sachets before going to sleep. She is so active in sharing with a lot of people who has cancer too.

Amy Ting from Perak – Teluk Intan has Nose Cancer since July 2012. I go for chemotherapy 9 times and radiotherapy 33 times.All my hair drop after the first chemotherapy. Everyday I had to do radiotherapy except for saturday and sunday. I lost my saliva and every week my weight drop. After radiotherapy my weight is 33kg. I had no appetite at all and felt painful when eating.

Last year November 13, I started to consume Rain Soul. November 25 I go back for check up and my doctor said to continue consuming Rain Soul. After 1 month, my saliva come back. My hair started to grow back. One day I fall down at home and hurt my chin, I also used Rain Soul to rub on my wound and Rain Soul had also cured my wound. I am really thankful that my sister introduced and encouraged me to drink Rain Soul. Amazing Rain Soul! Posted by Rain Partner Annie at 09:13

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