Testimony : Bone Spurs , Back Bone Pain , Anckle Pain, 骨刺, 脊椎骨 , 背部疼痛, 关节, 等等见证

Testimony : Bone Spurs , Back Bone Pain , Anckle Pain

骨刺, 脊椎骨 , 背部疼痛, 关节, 等等见证

Bone Spurs “Ms. Mimi Ang, from Penang, Malaysia. Suffered from slipped disc since April, 2008. She stated:I have done MRI of the cervical spine and is found as below :- Generalized disc bulges are seen at C4/5, C5/6 and C6/7. A left para-central disc extrusion is seen C5/6, The cord is compressed at C5/6.Due to slipped disc at cervical spine area C5/6 and it caused me almost paralysation during the critical days and even a sneezed caused me admitted hospital due to the cord compressed and nerve inflammation.I was spending more than RM30k for admission, check up, physiotheraphy and chiropractic, but the treatment was forever and never ending. And this continuously for 5 years. Thank God i met RAIN SOUL.After 2 weeks, i saw a 50% improvement and i felt it was amazing and awesome. And now i am still taking it as daily supplement and monitoring my situation. Indeed, after 2 months, i feel great and healthy.”

曾国云 Chan Kok Hoon From Kulim

Foot Ankle Pain testimony. 脚同的见证

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