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Susie Kwok 分享有关 【健康从您自己的饮食开始】。 这里包含了英文,中文,广东的言语。共三种语言。

Susie Kwok [ Health Begins With You ] Sharing in 3 Language – English , Chinese , Cantonese .

华语 / 中文


Cantonese Part 1 and 2



English Part 1 , 2 and 3



Explanation by Ms Rachel .

好油能够帮助清除坏油 , 同时调理荷尔蒙也能恢复正常体重(瘦身)。 

Rain Soul – The Soul Bring You Health(中文)


Seeds Oil made you Slim & Healthy(中文)

Weigh Loss Because Balance Diet , and Hormone Balance.


更多有关健康的咨询 与 我们不知道的事实真相 The Truth Behind Health

Do You Know ?

– We need 6-9 servings of fruits and vegetables per day to achieve optimal antioxidant protection.
– Our mother gave us all the good fats for the first 20 years. After that, we are on our own. After 40 years old, fat will drop 1% each year.
– Our Brain need PROTEIN /FAT 60% to protect brain tissue and circulars nutrients.
– Deficiency of Omega3&6 will promote chronic illnesses.
– Do you know “BAD” fats can harm you and the “GOOD” fats keep you family healthy! – [FATS that HEAL, FATS that KILL] by Dr. Udo Erasmus.




More Product Intro & Soul Overview (YouTube Video)

[Bahasa Malaysia / Indonesia]Translation


WHATS IS EFA – Essential Fatty Acids ? 什么是 【必需脂肪酸】? 





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