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These are some of the temporary symptoms likely to appear after taking the product as a result of healing crisis which are commonly occurred.

(Notes: This is to be treated as a general guideline from the daily observation and not to be treated as a medically approved standard result)

1) High blood pressure:  Head will feel slightly heavy and this symptom will continue for 1 to 2 weeks

2) Anaemia:  Some people may experience nose bleeding, mostly amongst women due to their body health condition.

3) Cholesterol/High fat body content:  Giddiness, stiff neck, body ache due to reaction from  emulsify body fat.

4) Sensitive Nose: Nose bleeding due to process of clearing artery passage.

5) Pre- Stroke patient: Headache, neck pain, and limbs likely to feel  weak

6) Poor Circulations: Giddiness, body ache and lower limbs feel pain and problem of walking due to  numbness.

7) Congestion in heart muscle: Increase heart beat , chest pain, and discomfort

8) Hardening of artery: Generally feel  whole body ache and headache.

9) Weak Stomach: Heart burn leading to poor appetite.

10) Stomach Gastric: Feel pain on the lacerated area while the cells are under rejuvenating process.

11) Slob Stomach: Stomach feels bloated due to rejuvenating period.

12) Weak Intestine: Often can cause diarrhoea and constipation.

13) Poor Liver: Feel gassy and vomiting, dry tongue, mouth bristle, liver index condition of GOT.GPT will go up, regarding strengthening of immune system due to blood purification.

14) Pus Sufferer:  Affected area feel swollen and painful and bleeding and possibly of recovering within one month period.

15) Non- Cancerous lump: Caused by fat and initially it will grow bigger, after 3 to 6 months it will get smaller and back to normal.

16) Asthma: While under medication, it can still cause attack before it become better.

17) Throat Windpipe:  Infection around windpipe with heavy coughing lasting 2 to 3 weeks period. The cough will stop after receiving treatment by removing the phlegm from the lung and cough will reduce.

18) Weak Kidney: The face, hands, legs will be swollen, kidney will be bloated, weeks later it will be back to normal condition.

19) Kidney Dialysis: Initially the skin and face will look dark, feel  itch due to detoxification, 6 months later condition will improve considerably.

20) Headache and Migraine: Initially head and body feel pain, mouth bristle, few weeks later condition will be stabilized

21) Head, Artery Blockage: Initially the head experience fainting , spinning feeling, 2 weeks later condition will improve.

22) Hardening of Liver: Liver efficiency index of GOT,GPT,AFP, type A fetus protein will goes up.

23) Diabetes Patient:  Sugar level go up feeling chest tightness, stiff neck.

24) Type A abnormal prostate:  Chest discomfort, weak limbs and insomnia.

25) Uterus out of alignment/ Uterus Lump: Pain at the waist spine area, sometimes experience tooth ache, mouth bristle and condition will improve a month later.

26) Lung Oxidised and Infected: Lung will accumulate water, cough, with phlegm and will slowly recover in about 3 months period

27) Rheumatism: Initially it still occur one or two times and approx. 3 months later condition will get better when the uric acid drop.

28) Arthritis: Initially will feel joints pain, spinal nerve feel pain, neck pain, and in 3 to 6 months condition will slowly improved.

29) Exercise Causing Stroke: Poor circulation improvement will come in stages and slowly recover to normal.

30) Skin Disease: Initially the skin will get worse and itch due to detoxification and before the body can recover back to normal.

31) Uterus Drooping: Beginning the abdominal area swollen, frequent urination and discomfort during urination. It will takes  1 to 2 months before recover.

32) Lower Spinal Nerve Pain: Initially due to dissolving blood clot, clearings of artery blockage, you will experience increasing pain, conditions will be better after 2 to 3 months period.

33) Weak Liver and Kidney: Eyes easily get tired, vision become blurr and sometimes come with oily tear and feel pain at the body waist area. This condition will last for about 2 to 3 months before recovering.

34) Constipation and Diarrhea: Initially due to cleansing of large intestine inner wall surface, constipation will get worse, same as diarrhea and in approximately 1 to 2 months the condition will be stabilized

35) Face Partial Paralysis Effect : Initially the condition will turn worse, the eyes getting dry and after sometimes the condition will improve.

36) Fatty lump tissues- lymphatic lump: Initially the internal tissues will be discharged to the surface and appear swollen externally with painful feeling for approximately 3 weeks duration after that the condition will return to normal.

( The above serve as a Nutritional Health Care information. If you experience serious medical health problem, you should go and consult Professional medical doctor immediately.)

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7 thoughts on “Rain Soul Healing Response | 好转反应参考 | Reaksi Penyembuhan

    • Depend on his condition.
      Normally we will suggest 2-4 packs a day.

      continuously try for 3-4 months to see how the result

    • thanks for the comment in this article.
      Mostly is because of the body immune system , and also the liver function is not in ‘good condition’ …
      welcome to give me a call or whatsapp me , so we can help you to overcome most of your QnA.

  • is now taking chinese herbal medication and under TCM treatment for tumour.
    can i take rain together with the chinese medication? if can, what is the schedule of taking both this product?

    thanks in advance

    • depend on your condition ,
      Normally we will suggest take after or before the Chinese herbal 4hours. (This is a normal situation)

      Can u explain more about your sickness?

      You may email or FB me.


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