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Company FAQ公司相關問與答 – Frequently Asked Questions About Our Products

If you have questions regarding our company, its structure, or members of our dream “seed” team, then be sure to browse through the frequently asked questions below. Feel free to visit our product, opportunity, or contact pages to learn more about what Rain International has to offer.

By now you’ve probably gained a new understanding to the nutritional and health benefits of seeds. But what if you still have a few questions like why we focus on the black cumin seed, what processes do we use, and where can I order some “Soul” for myself? Well, you’re in luck. Listed below are a few of the frequently asked questions we receive regarding our unique products.

If you have questions regarding our company, its structure, or members of our dream “seed” team, then be sure to browse through the frequently asked questions below. Feel free to visit our product, opportunity, or contact pages to learn more about what Rain International has to offer.

We prefer the straight forward approach. You have questions we have answers:-

1. What is Rain Nutrition? 何為 ‘天雨國際’ 公司?

Rain International is an innovative health, wellness and fitness company that provides our distributors and clients with innovative and potent nutritional supplements fueled by the power of nature’s life source, the seed.

2. FOOD FOR THE BRAIN & IMMUNE SYSTEM? 為何天雨的元氣能夠幫助人身體健康?

Absolutely no chemicals with the finest ingredients a unique Nutritional product line of high levels of diverse Antioxidants, Essential Fatty Acids (omega 3, 6 & 9) 24 Vitamins & Minerals, Flavinoids and Enzymes.

3. How long has Rain International been around? 天雨國際公司成立了多久?

Rain International has provided groundbreaking research and revolutionary nutritional supplement products to millions since 2011.
天雨國際公司從2011年開始將創新革命性研發的成果 – 由種籽所萃取的營養補充食品推出給全球消費大眾。

4. What is Rain International’s Mission / Vission? 天雨國際公司的使命為何?

Our mission is simple: to help people all over the world achieve health and wealth. We accomplish this by developing innovative products based on Seed Nutrition and supporting our Rain Partners with education and training. Rain International will become the most recognized and dominant company in premium nutrition and health products that fuel a healthy, robust and prosperous lifestyle.
天雨國際公司的使命很單純: 就是要幫助世上所有人達成身心健康與財務自由的目標,我們日以繼夜的努力,期望藉由持續精進的研發,提供事業夥伴完善的教育訓練與後勤支援系統,以及不斷的創新來達成我們的使命目標!

5. Is Rain International a partner to larger, parent company? 天雨國際公司是附屬某大企業集團的子公司嗎?

Simply put, no. Rain International is a fully independent international entity with the freedom and ability to distribute our unique nutritional enhancement products across the globe! Thanks to recent acquisitions and continued channel growth, Rain International’s products are available to areas including North America, Asia, Europe and more.
簡單答覆您: 不是。天雨國際公司是一個完全獨立的跨國企業,能自立自主的將我們公司獨特的營養補充食品推廣、銷售到全球。感謝夥伴們的努力天雨國際公司正持續的擴展與成長,目前在北美、亞洲、歐洲及其他更多的市場熱烈銷售我們的獨特產品中!

6. Why use seeds? 為甚麼選用種籽為產品主成分?

Seeds are the foundation for life and health – we call this Seed Nutrition. Science shows that certain seeds contain powerful nutritive and healing qualities essential in combating disease while promoting energy and vitality. We’ve developed a unique process that extracts the most potent nutritional qualities from seeds containing healing properties. We then apply them as the foundation for all our products.
簡單來說,種籽向來是人類生活不可或缺的東西,數千年來種籽一直是人類健康的基石,古文明一再對種籽神奇的營養成分及治癒能力表達讚嘆與崇敬之意。感謝我 們的研發團隊,天雨國際公司得以掌握並善用種籽的營養價值,以其作為我們產品的主成分,將之量產製成我們的系列優質產品。請參觀瀏覽我們的產品相關資訊網 頁,以了解更多有關我們神奇種籽產品的秘密!

7. What’s so special about black cumin? 為何黑小茴香如此特別 ?

That’s a great question with an answer that has been in development for over thousands of years. Many cultures have revered the black cumin seed as an effective remedy for everything from the common cold to cold to cancer! The secret is in the seed’s chemistry. These seeds are chock-full of healthy and nutritive elements that help promote a strong and effective body. Elements like antioxidants, enzymes, Omega-3, and Omega-6!

8. Can I just add some black cumin seeds to my diet and experience the same benefits? 我可以在我調理時候和天雨元氣嗎?

Unfortunately, no you can’t. In order to tap the full potential of this exceptional seed it needs to be processed correctly. Most manufacturers use a high temperature extraction processed combined with harsh chemicals that drastically reduce the seeds effectiveness. Rain International’s cold-press process extracts ALL the nutrient rich oils and flours needed. Not only is our process better, it’s also certified organic and chemical free.

9. How to order Rain Soul / Rain Pure ? 如何購買 ‘天雨-元氣’?

Purchase from one of our distributors in here or buy online with a sponsor #. Soul makes it easy. Instead of guessing which of the essential nutrients your body needs each day, you get them in one easy and delicious supplement.

Welcome to visit : www.rainseedteam.com/contact . or online enroll or (click – Help on Step to Enroll/如何購買詳情與步驟)

10. How can I learn more about joining Rain International? 從何可得知加入成為天雨國際公司會員的方式?

Just visit our Opportunity page to learn how you can enhance both your health and prosperity with the Rain International way of life. All of the members of our leadership team are or have been distributors themselves. We take pride in being a company made by distributors, for distributors.

Ask your distributor or contact us for information on Rain International’s unique nutritive supplements.

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