Soul has been BSCG certified 安雨元气已獲得BSCG認證


We are proud to announce that Soul has been BSCG certified.

This is an incredibly important certification that, again, validates the quality with which we produce our products.

The BSCG (Banned Substances Control Group) is an organization that has its foundation rooted in 30+ years of experience as a leader in Olympic and professional sport drug testing.

The BSCG itself was founded in 2004, by anti-doping pioneer Don Catlin, M.D., his son, industry leader, Oliver Catlin, and respected attorney Ryan Connollin.

They are among some of the most respected names in the anti-doping industry.

Though their history has been long in this industry, and they have approved over 2,000 products, Soul is the first product that they are publicly endorsing on their own social media channels.

This means a number of important things:

• Soul has met the rigorous, gold stand the BSCG has set.

This is not easy to achieve, and validates the the quality of our products.

• Soul is now backed by one of the most robust supplement protection program available today.
• Soul now stands alongside a prestigious group of a little more than 2,000 products that have been tested and certified by BSCG.
• Their testing covers more than 483 drugs, including 272 drugs from WADA and an additional 211 over-the-counter and illicit drugs.
Soul has now been clinically tested and does not carry any of these harmful substances.
• The protocol to pass BSCG’s stringent, gold standard test also include 21 CFR 111 Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) quality control process review, raw material ingredient and supplier review, and a general toxicology assessment, which identifies and quantifies potential toxins.

Soul has also passed this quality portion of their tests, supplying even more confidence in the standard and quality of our products.

Soul now stands in a unique position: alongside a select number of products who have BSCG’s Gold Standard, but completely alone with a public endorsement.

These two prestigious achievements not only serve as another validation to reinforce our company’s good name, but they also give consumers, partners, and potential members of the Rain Family the confidence that our products meet a higher set of standards.

However, these are not the only certifications we’ve received.

Here’s a list of the other certifications we’ve received:

-Brunswick Labs Certified
-Halal Certified




BSCG本身是於2004年,由反興奮劑先驅的醫學博士Don Catlin、他身為行業領導者的兒子, Oliver Catlin以及受人尊崇的律師,Ryan Connollin一同成立。




• Soul成功達到BSCG所設定嚴苛的黃金標準。






要通過BSCG嚴格的黃金標準測試的協議包括審核21 CFR 111良好生產規范(GMP)質量控制流程、審查原料成份和供應商,以及一般能確認和量化潛在毒素的毒理評估。