Another Rain Nutrition Branch Setting Up

迫不及待20130419 – 下午就去拍照了。
Can’t Wait for taking photo on 20130419-evening

Asher Chai & Abraham Choo
打拼已久。 感谢天雨美商有限公司的支持。 东马古晋第一家服务中心成立。

For such a Longggg time waiting .
Thanks Rain International for support us by set up a branch center at Kuching…


结果就在隔天早上20130420-8am ,

After the next day 20130420-8am ,
come with our leader for photo session.

This is a Historical moment, the future most advance group in Asia !
Specially thanks to Rain International Mr. Danny Pang .

工具….. Rain Nutrition – Soul

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